July 26, 2018 - Systems Consultant

We are currently offering a talented individual an opportunity to join the team at Consulting One as a Systems Consultant.

Successful candidates should:

  • Possess an amazing conversational, phone, and email manner - with an ability to articulate ideas and explain difficult concepts in simple terms;
  • Be extremely detail-oriented and highly organised;
  • Thrive in a busy workplace with multiple workloads at different priorities;
  • Be dedicated to constant learning and improvement;
  • Understand the importance of great documentation and processes, and want to work to a standard, and perhaps even set newer and higher standards of excellence;

Highly regarded skills:

  • Advanced understanding of operating systems, business applications, and network systems
  • Knowledge of Windows Server, Office 365, Dropbox, VMware, or Cisco
  • Understanding of support tools, techniques, and how technology is used to provide IT services
  • A valid QLD driver's license for a manual transmission car;
  • Any previous Apple knowledge or experience with iOS or MacOS;


Whilst you do not need to come to us with a high level of industry knowledge, you will be required to work with us to build a training plan that will include Microsoft, Apple, and Dropbox training and other skills as necessary. A detailed Position Description is also available.

Please submit all applications to the email address specified below with all of the required information.




Applying for jobs can be stressful and we find it likely that a lot of applicants won't be experienced in the process. I've read probably thousands of resumes over the years and some are great, but many have been bad or extremely average. I will now dispense some distilled wisdom:

  • DO - include a cover letter always. One paragraph about your hobbies and who you are is probably suffient with the rest addressing the position and why you believe you are qualified in it. Address any major points from the job ad (e.g., if you require experience riding a unicycle then specifically state that you have a Bronze Certificate in unicycling or whatever). I am not interested in previous jobs in the fast food industry unless you were running the place or made some substantial changes. your previous experience "just having a job somewhere" isn't very relevant to me.
  • DO - have an up to date resume that explains what you've been doing in the past (if anything) and what qualifications or experience you have. For each job you should point out the value that you brought to the previous or current employer. For example, you could simply say that you worked at maccas on the register, or you could say that you worked on the register, met SLAs and proudly completed every shift with minimal customer dissatisfaction. On your resume you can either be a valuable asset, or you can, you know, just be a person. Who does stuff. And might be average or even bad at it.
  • DO - be honest about your career goals. If you just want casual or weekend work until your secret passion to be a brickie's labourer comes to fruition then don't apply for the kind of jobs that take years or decades to succeed in.
  • DON'T - make a lot of spelling mistakes. If there's a lot of mistakes in your resume then imagine what your emails to customers will look like? if you can't spell then learn to use a spell checker - nobody is perfect but you have to know your limitations and work around them accordingly.
  • IF your resume is light on experience, then make it heavy on KNOWLEDGE. If it's your passion to work in this industry but nobody has given you a start, then you should AT LEAST be working your butt off at home to learn what you can. My advice is to not come in saying you want a career in computers because you like to play games. I want to know what you've built, or pulled to bits and then tinkered with. What you've broken again, re-assembled and made to work. Maybe better than ever. Which leads me to...
  • YOU need to demonstrate how you've invested in yourself to succeed. If you've never done any study or training of any kind, how am I supposed to believe you're passionate about this type of work? If you're not dreaming about this career every night and wanting to succeed at a cellular level then there's some jobs down the road at our competitors.
  • DO - be an individual, awesome, and proud of what you do.


About Us


We're a small, multi-skilled group of professionals that provide IT and Technology project expertise and operational support for a large and varied customer base throughout Queensland. Based in Rockhampton - and with staff in Gladstone and Emerald - we specialise in Microsoft and VMware software technologies on top of HP and Cisco enterprise networking, server and storage architectures. We're a relatively young and dynamic team constantly developing new skills and offerings for our customers.


About You


The ideal candidate will possess a range of skills that would enable them to interract with customers successfully on a day to day basis. Attributes such as intelligence, self-motivation, and a positive attitude with an ability to completely and successfully follow through on tasks and projects would put you ahead of the pack. Basic customer service skills when presenting in person, on the telephone and through email is critical, as is the ability to prioritise and manage workloads when things get busy.


What Next


If this believe this role is for you, and you have the necessary personal and technical skills to join our team, send a short email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it outlining your experience and skillset. We would recommend specifically addressing the mentioned criteria outlining your experience in similar roles and not simply sending a resume or cover letter. Please include some work references -- this is quite important. We receive a lot of responses and queries so we may not be able to respond to every single application personally. Technical skills for this role are important, as are the personal skills that will allow the successful candidate to work as part of a larger team.