¬ Q: You know, there's a lot of technology companies around. What makes you guys different?

A: In short, we think we're different because we have the best possible people, working with the best products in the industry. We take great care to implement our solutions the correct way, the first time, considering factors and situations that may arise in the future.

¬ Q: How do you feel about Open Source solutions, or platforms that aren't supported by Microsoft?

A: It's true that our primary focus is on Microsoft operating systems and solutions, but we are also able to think outside of the square and can provide Linux, Sun Solaris and Apple MacOS X support if required.

¬ Q: Are you hiring?

A: From time to time. If you have the skills and the committment, and want the opportunity to be trained in Microsoft, Citrix, Cisco, VMware or Linux then check out our recruitment page.

¬ Q: We keep hearing about virtualisation - what is Consulting One's opinion?

A: There's little doubt that virtualisation technologies are becoming extremely mainstream, with numerous benefits to be seen if implemented correctly. In fact, our default environment even for very simple business environments is the VMware Hypervisor. Having said this, all situations need to be considered on a one-by-one basis so bring the topic up with us for a more in-depth discussion.

¬ Q: Clouds... clouds... what's with the clouds?

A: Whilst fully embracing the concepts behind cloud-based or Software-As-A-Service type offerings, we're also well aware of the risks and limitations of the common platforms in use today. Talk to us.