Consulting One Achieves VMware Enterprise Partner Status


Following 3 years of VMware partnership, and more than 7 years worth of VMware enterprise implementation knowledge, I'm happy to announce that Consulting One has now been elevated to VMware Enterprise Partner status. This positions us as one of only 20 partners at this level in Queensland, and one of only 8 that have also completed Infrastructure Virtualisation competencies. We're continuing with two further competencies - in Disaster Recovery and Desktop Virtualisation which will uniquely position us one of the most qualified VMware Enterprise Partners in Queensland.

The process to become an enterprise partner involved numerous activities across the organisation - from technical project implementation reviews, sales and technical pre-sales training and customer account management with a focus on post-sales support, and of course LOTS of exams.

At the end of the day, what's the benefit of all of this for our customers? Apart from the plaque to hang on the wall and a sticker to place on our window, it ultimately proves our commitment to keeping our skills current and relevant, and improving our services offerings in the right areas. VMware (and some of the other up and coming contenders in the server and desktop virtualisation field) have already revolutionised the way we're thinking about IT infrastructure today, and the server and desktop virtualisation movement is becoming even more compelling daily. This is especially true for the SMB marketplace who stands to gain the most bang-for-the-buck from these technologies. It's often said that if you're virtualising your infrastructure already, you're 75% done with your Disaster Recovery planning. I think that's a fair statement.

We're proud of our achievement and no doubt I'll be thanking my team for their efforts in the form of cakes, or lunches, or some other kinds of bribery that haven't been thought up yet. With SysAdmin Appreciation Day on July 30 there may be too many cakes this month!