Consulting One Managed Infrastructure Delivered as a Subscription (MIDaaS)

Businesses are always looking for ways to effectively manage cash flow, whilst providing access to modern business class technology for employees. Our Managed Infrastructure Delivered as a Subscription (MIDaaS) service allows businesses the opportunity to replace more hardware, sooner, and bundle it with services and support

Consulting One MIDaaS allows organisations to pay a small up front services fee to install the hardware, and an ongoing subscription per month. All warranties and replacements are our responsibility, so you can get on with your business.


  • No lock-ins with a small installation fee – installation is waived for customers on a MyTechTeam agreement
  • Servers, Desktop Computers and Monitors can be bundled
  • Next Day response on replacements
  • Complements C1 MyTechTeam Service offerings and C1oud products such as Microsoft Office 365
  • Includes Windows 7 or Windows 10 Professional
  • Ful l 24x7 monitoring using our management software
  • Includes full parts and labour warranty




Businesses have many options when it comes to managing
Internet domain names and hosting websites. Many providers
offer differing products at differing price points and in many
cases it may not be clear what you are actually getting, or if it
even represents good value.
Since 2006 our customers have entrusted their domain name
management and hosting needs to us, al lowing us to provide a simplified
worry-free experience at competitive market prices. We can manage the
domain name registration and renewal of al l of your domains, the DNS
zone hosting, website hosting, or any combination you wish.
· No setup or migration fees for simple sites on 3 year agreements;
· We manage the domain name and renew it automatically so it will
never expire again;
· We can host DNS for “additional” domain names that you reserve
for the future, or do not need websites for;
· Ful l web hosting features, along with support for PHP/MySQL and
a myriad of other technologies;
· A fully-managed worry-free solution with a simple annual hosting

fee – with a 60 day opt out period;


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