Microsoft Consulting Services

In today’s business environments Microsoft technologies are often at the core of the enterprise technology strategy. For many organisations it is not logistically possible to have the staff on hand to design, implement, integrate and manage every Microsoft product they have in use – particularly during version upgrades which can often present significant risk to the business for a one-time-only use of a skill...

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SMB Managed Maintenance Services

We understand the importance of regular maintenance on systems and it is our experience that significantly fewer issues present themselves overall when systems are monitored and regularly serviced. Often, signs of major failures are evident well in advance and could be prevented with the right expertise and a pro-active attitude.

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Citrix and Terminal Services Consulting

Organisations are driven by the diverse applications they run. We understand that it can be significantly challenging to deliver applications to users internally and externally via a variety of access methods whilst maintaining a consistently acceptable end user experience.

Thin client technology allows applications and data to be centrally stored, whilst the users are free...

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VMware and Virtualisation Consulting

Server virtualisation is now the de-facto proven standard for any significant server infrastructure deployment and the many benefits of virtualisation are very compelling.

The traditional technical model for deploying new servers meant that business owners and managers purchased new physical servers, each with the required amount of hardware resources to perform the...

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HP Enterprise Servers and Storage

Modern businesses are faced with the ongoing challenge of managing the applications and data that their business users rely on. Performance, value for money and scalability of the server and storage infrastructure are factors we need to consider when choosing the best solution.

Consulting One has the expertise to guide you through the selection, implementation and support of your...

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